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Curriculum Overview

Our Mission

At Greet Primary School our mission is to create ever better learning outcomes and secure futures for our children, based on a collaborative culture with shared values and clear moral purpose.


Our Values

Excellence - At Greet we give our best at work and play; we aim high; we believe in ourselves; we enjoy learning; we love to contribute; we are curious; we celebrate success; we think about our learning; we achieve well independently; we are proud of our work; we understand that there are steps on the way to excellence.


Partnership - At Greet we have a commitment to collaboration – we work together; we listen to each other; we share; we learn from each other; we respect each other; we are sincere; we are good citizens of Birmingham, the United Kingdom and the world; we contribute; we are happy; we feel safe; we look after our schools; we are part of a team; we are part of a family; we help each other to achieve well; we believe that everyone is equal.


Perseverance - At Greet we have a continued effort in the face of challenge – we don’t give up; we try our best; we are not afraid to make mistakes; we learn from our mistakes; we can talk about our learning; we take responsibility for our learning; we help to make our own futures; we can change if we need to; we can find solutions; we look forward; we have the courage to make difficult decisions.


Our Curriculum Values

Equity - All children have access to a rich and relevant curriculum.


Ambition - There are no limits to what any child can achieve.


Responsibility - Children are responsible for their learning, their actions and the impact of their actions on others and the world in which we live.


Self-worth - Children have a strong sense of who they are and have pride in their heritage and their community.


Fulfilment - Children flourish and are fulfilled emotionally, physically and academically.

Curriculum Foundations

We see our curriculum as a triad which we have articulated as ‘head, heart and hand’. The interplay of these three strands ensures that pupils have access to balanced, rounded learning experiences which help to develop successful, resilient, creative individuals.



We believe knowledge is important and how we apply our knowledge is what makes it powerful.  Children need to acquire a broad cultural knowledge so that they can engage in and identify with the world in which they live. 

  • Core knowledge and understanding

  • Subject disciplines

  • Cultural literacy

  • Reading for purpose

  • Broadening horizons



We want pupils to understand the importance of emotional well-being, to have a sense of purpose and to be proud of who they are and what they stand for.

  • Spiritual experiences

  • Explorations of faith

  • Mental health and well-being

  • Character and identity

  • Reading for pleasure



Our curriculum gives children the opportunity to ‘make’, to work with their hands, be expressive and to perform.

  • Physical health and well-being

  • Opportunities to make and create

  • Outdoor learning

  • Performing arts

  • Social enterprise


Bottom Information

Safeguarding Information

At Greet safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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