School will reopen after the summer holidays on Thursday 5th September at 8.45am

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Meet Our Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!





Mrs S Edger


Mrs E Tyler

Deputy Headteacher:

Mr S Mason




Assistant Headteacher

(Upper Phase):

Mrs F Azmi

Assistant Headteacher

(Upper Phase)

Mr E Mullett

Assistant Headteacher

(Lower Phase):


Assistant Headteacher


Miss E Beeley

Assistant Headteacher

(Middle Phase):

Mr M Haydon



Upper Phase: Middle Phase: Lower Phase:  

Year 6:

Mr D Howell (6DH)

(Year Group Leader)

Miss N Begum (6NB)

Mrs S Bains (6SB)

Mr L Summerfield (6LS)


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs I Parveen

Mrs R Kausar








Year 3:

Mr W Seabrook (3WS)

(Year Group Leader)

Miss R Sharif (3RS)

Mrs J Jhutty (3JJ)

Miss R Chanda (3RC)


Teaching Assistants:

Miss A Hope

Mrs S Asif









Year 1:


Mrs T Hamid (1TH)

Miss S Lilley (1SL)

Mrs J Smith (1SL)

Miss M Kanwal (1MK)

Mrs N Begum (1BA)

Mrs P Akhtar (1BA)

Miss S Begum


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs K Copestick

Mrs S Kaur

Mrs A Chauhan

Mrs A Zarif

Mrs M Akhtar



Year 5:

Miss A Begum (5AB)

(Year Group Leader)

Mr E Mullett (5AM)

Mrs F Azmi (5AM)

Mr R Islam (5RI)

Miss N Gulbahar (5DG)

Mrs K Dulai (5DG)


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs S Sultana

Mrs R Munir



Year 2:

Mr L Blake (2LB)

(Year Group Leader)

Miss R Hanif (2RH)

Mrs T Akhter (2TA)

Miss R Begum (2RB)


Teaching Assistants:

Miss K Tyler

Mrs A Suffield

Mrs S Islam

Mrs R Kauser

Mrs N Kauser




Mrs C Anderson

(Year Group Leader)

Miss K Khatun (RKK)

Mrs R Jabeen (RRJ)

Mrs N Hamid (RNH)


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs N Sarmad

Mrs N Begum

Miss K Parwin

Mrs H Kaur

Mrs S Bungar

Mrs P Akhtar

Mrs N Saqib

Year 4:

Miss F Palmer (4FP)

(Year Group Leader)

Mr S Miah (4SM)

Mrs J Hetherington (4JH)

Mrs A Nicholas (4AN)




Teaching Assistants:

Mrs K Ahmed

Mrs I Muhammad




Miss C Phelps 

(Year Group Leader)


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs S Rehman

Mrs D Begum

Mrs S Farooq








Additional teachers:

Working Across the School


Mr C Clifton

Mrs A Akmal

Mrs T Quhill

Mrs A Farid

Mrs L Alley

Staff on Maternity Leave

Mrs K Holder

Mrs N Talukder

Mrs S Arif

Mrs N Ahmed

Ms S Iqbal



Inclusion Team: Sports Team and playworkers:

Safeguarding Manager: Mrs N Pittaway

Early Intervention LeadMrs S Herring

Learning Mentors:

Miss L Fryer

Mrs K Foley

Language Support Worker: Mrs E Ali





Mr D Buxton

Mr M Ali

Mr K Parmar

Miss C Richardson









Site and ICT Team: Administration Team:

Premises Manager: Mrs L Hopkins

ICT Manager: Mr G Elliot

Assistant Site Managers: 

Mr T Deykin

Mr S Hopkins





Senior Office Manager: Mrs M O'Boyle

Administration Assistants:

Miss G Fletcher

Mrs C Davies

Mrs H Bhachu

Mrs F Begum

Parent Support Worker: Mrs S Din




Kitchen Team: Lunchtime Supervisors: Cleaners:

Senior Cook: Mrs T Flynn


Mrs N Akhtar

Mrs A Bernard

Mrs S Bryant

Mrs Z Bi

Mrs P Humphries

Mrs H Ibrahim

Mrs J Kaur

Mrs M Kaur

Mrs E Lombardi

Mrs S Nolan

Mrs T Tabbasum

Mrs C Ullah

Mrs C Walker

Mrs S Wickett

Mrs D Wren






















Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs B Russell

Assistant Senior Supervisors:

Mrs S Begum

Mrs S Zaman


Mrs N Akhtar

Mrs Y Akhtar

Mrs S Akhtar

Mrs H Araf

Mrs Y Ayub

Mrs A Begum

Mrs M Bi

Mrs N Bi

Mrs S Bi

Mrs F Bibi

Mrs S Chitroda

Mrs C Davda

Mrs N Hussain

Mrs R Iftikar

Mrs L Kara

Mrs P Kaur

Mrs T Kaur

Mrs F Kauser

Mrs S Khatoon

Mrs A Khan

Mrs S Khan

Mrs S Ladwa

Mrs S Meredith

Mrs L Murray

Mrs J Rehman

Mrs L Sajid

Mrs A Saleh

Mrs U Shahzadi

Mrs F Simon

Mrs R Tabasum

Mrs S Yahya

Mrs S Zannar

Mrs R Akhtar

Mrs M Al-Azzani

Mrs I Bowers

Mrs M Doyle

Mrs E Lombardi

Mrs S Meredith

Mrs L Murray

Mrs M Singadia

Mrs B Webb
































Bottom Information

Safeguarding Information

At Greet safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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