Friday 7th May is Number Day. Children can wear Number themed clothes. Please bring £1 to donate to NSPCC

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Day 1 - I-Spy


Can you name all of the sea creatures on this page? Ask a grown up to help you to name any you aren't sure of and then play I-Spy. Next can you count each of the different animals. How many starfish are there? Are there more seahorses or crabs? Which animal is there the most of?

Day 2 - Design your own Sea Creature


Use these templates, or draw your own, to create your own sea creature. How many eyes will your creature have? Will it have fins to swim or legs to walk? What colour will it be? Give your creature a name and draw some friends for it to play with in the sea!



Day 3 - Under the Sea Sentences.


Read these under the sea sentences and draw your own pictures. Next cover the sentences and see if you can write them without looking. Check your work and correct any mistakes.

Day 4 - The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Watch the story of The Rainbow Fish. Now it's time to create your own Rainbow Fish!

You will need a pencil, paper, scissors and crayons/paint to colour.

Draw around your hand and cut it out. Next add an eye and some colour to create your own rainbow fish. If you have any coloured tissue paper or foil in your house you could cut and stick some of these to create different textures for your scales.

Day 5 - Under the Sea Home Learning Challenges


Choose 2 or 3 of these under the sea home learning challenges to complete with a grown up.


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