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Week beginning 18/01/21

Please complete these activities in your writing book. Here are some things to remember when doing your writing:

  • Use one page per activity.
  • Remember to start at the front of the book. 
  • Use your phonics knowledge to help you write the words.
  • Think about what you are going to write first. Practise your sentence- think it, say it, write it.


You can take a photo of any completed work and upload it onto class dojo.

Rosie's Walk

This week we are going to read a story called 'Rosie's walk ' and do some writing activities based on this in your writing books.
Listen carefully to the story. Listen to the story a few times. Can you remember some of the places that Rosie has been?
What is the fox doing? How do these characters feel? What are they thinking?
Stand up or clap when you hear these special words or prepositions in the story : across, around, over, past, through and under.

Mrs. Nicholas reads Rosie's walk

Here are some tasks for you to have a go at during the week. Try to do at least 3 of them.


1. Draw a story map of Rosie's walk. See the example below. It's just another way to retell the story using pictures. 


2. Draw either Rosie or the fox and write a sentence about what they are thinking. 

Use the examples of the thought bubbles below to help you.


3. Make a list of all the places Rosie walked past on her walk. 

Use the story word mat to help you.


4. Draw a poster warning Rosie and the other hens about the fox.

5. Draw or make a mask of Rosie or the fox and act out the story. You can make up your own walk. Can you use the prepositions across, around, through in your story?


6.How many words can you write down that rhyme with 'hen'?

  hen- pen-   .............................................................



Story map for Rosie's Walk


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