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Week beginning 18/01/2021

This week we are going to learning about where things are in Maths by using prepositional language.

These special words are called prepositions.

Each day there will be either a song or a power point to watch in order to learn these important words.  Replay the songs at the beginning of each day to help you to remember these important words. Ask a grown up to test you.

Where is Ted?

Miss Phelps plays a game with Ted to learn the prepositions. Can you play this game at home?


Monday 18th January 2021

Listen to the songs below a few times. Sing the songs too if you'd like. Then go through the power point.

Then in your work packs you will find some picture cards to cut out and the words to go with them.

See if you can match them up correctly.

You can play pairs or snap with these cards.





Tuesday 19th January 2021


Watch the 'Where is Chester? ' clip. Can you recall all of the prepositions mentioned?

Then complete the cut and stick task in the work pack.

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Listen to the song about prepositions below. How many do you know?

Then have a go at the quiz on the power point.

In your pack have a go at the preposition tree game activity. Read the cards, cut out the objects and place them in the correct place. 

Thursday 21st January 2021


Listen to 'Where's the monkey song?' below.

Then complete the sheet in your pack ' What is the shape's position?'.


Friday 22nd January 2021

A game: Can your adult find a cup and a small object/ toy / peg and place it in different positions?

Practise saying : in front of , behind, next to, under , on top of

You can take it in turns to call out the correct preposition.


In your packs there are some pictures of foxes and  some sentences.  Match up the correct picture with the correct sentence.

Where's the Monkey?

Listen to the song. How many prepositions can you hear?


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