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Week beginning 22/02/2021

Tuesday 23rd February

This week we are learning about adding. Watch the video below where Miss Phelps shows you how to practically add and record it. 

Can you find some objects at home and add them together? Find 2 different groups of toys and add them together. Then find the worksheet and see if you can record it. 

Miss Phelps adds

Wednesday 24th February
Read through the Powerpoint below all about adding:
Now let's make it harder and add up to 20!

Adding to 20

Now complete the "I spy monsters" worksheet where you have to add up to 20!

Thursday 25th February

Adding with winter items

Now find the winter adding worksheet in your pack.

Can you find the items and add them together? 

Friday 26th February
Look at the presentation below which explains the technique of counting on to work out your answer.

Adding by counting on

Now find the worksheet in your pack. See if you can solve the addition problems by using a numberline to count on.

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