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Year 3

Summer 1


Our wider curriculum unit this half term is, 'Power of the sun.'


In this unit children will study shadows and how they are made.  They will look at how shadows change throughout the day, how surfaces reflect light and whether the sun is needed for shadows.  Children will be given a variety of hypothesis to test as they move through the unit.  They will make scientific comparisons between different sources of light and link their learning back to what they learnt about Stonehenge.


Children will then learn about how amazing the sun is and how it allows life to exist on our planet. 



Our key text this half term is:


A narrative based on the myth Icarus.



This half term we will be learning about fractions, time and angles.



Please visit our Year 3 page for more details on the curriculum this half term.

Year 3 wider curriculum overview 2021-22


Autumn 1 - Stone Age to Iron Age.


STEM - Feel the force.


Autumn 2 - Ancient Greece.


Spring 1 - Fossil hunters.


Spring 2 - Food, glorious food.


Summer 1 - Power of the sun.


Summer 2 - Baths, toilets and roads.


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