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Year 4

Autumn 1



Our topic this half term is, 'Electrifying world.'


Through this unit the children will develop an understanding of how electricity has shaped the world. They will learn about circuits and the dangers associated with electricity. They will know that electricity has changed the way the world works.  


In Science lessons, children will identify common electrical items and have opportunities to build their own circuits, they will then go on to learn about the dangers of electricity, and discover which materials make the best/worst conductors and make links to materials used for different purposes (e.g. plastic plugs).  Children will also debate the continued use of fossil fuels.


In History lessons, children will be able to draw comparisons between life before electricity and life today. They will study a range of people who have been influential in the development of electricity; including Arthur L Large who was from Birmingham and invented the electric kettle.  



Our key texts this half term are:


‘The boy who harnessed the wind’ by William Kamkwamba (full and simplified texts) 

Thomas Edison’s biography 



Our unit this half term is place value.


Year 4 topic overview 2021-22


Autumn 1 - Electrifying world.


STEM - Good vibrations.


Autumn 2 - Junior doctors.


Spring 1 - Smashing Saxons.


Spring 2 - Raiders.


Summer 1 - Splish, splash, splosh.


Summer 2 - Down the river.


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