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Year 5

Autumn 1



Our topic this half term is, 'I have a dream.'


In this thought-provoking unit, children will learn about slavery in Britain and key figures in history who stood up for what they believed was right, to make the world a better place. They will explore how people have been treated in the past because of their skin colour, and the rights and laws created in response to events that have happened in history. The children will be asked to make links and reflect on recent protests and marches for Black Lives Matter following the death of George Floyd. 


By the end of this unit, the children will understand the timeline of slavery and segregation and will be able to apply this to the human rights that we have today. 



Our key texts this half term are:


‘Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo 

Extracts from ‘Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry’ by Mildred D. Taylor 

‘Malala’s Magic Pencil’ by Malala Yousefzai 

‘I am Malala’ by Malala Yousefzai 

‘An abolition poem’ by Benjamin Zaphaniah 



Our unit this half term is place value.


Year 5 topic overview 2021-22


Autumn 1 - I have a dream.


STEM - Materials matter.


Autumn 2 - The Globe Theatre.


Spring 1 - To infinity and beyond.


Spring 2 - Amazon SOS.


Summer 1 - The journey of life.


Summer 2 - Golden age.


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