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Year 5

Summer 1


Our wider curriculum unit this half term is, 'The journey of life.'


In this unit children will have a chance to learn deeply about the growth and development of plants and different animals. In science lessons they will study the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds.  When looking at the lifecycle of plants children will be given the opportunity to propagate plants from different parts of the parent plant and create booklets detailing their learning from this unit. 


Children will discover, connect and compare animal life cycle with the human being development since the earliest stages. By learning the different life cycles children will have a clear idea of the different animal needs including their social, environmental, food and parental needs. 




One of our key texts this half term is:


It starts with a seed by Laura Knowles 



This half term Year 5 are learning decimals and properties of shape.


Please visit our Year 5 page for more details on our curriculum this half term.

Year 5 wider curriculum overview 2021-22


Autumn 1 - I have a dream.


STEM - Materials matter.


Autumn 2 - The Globe Theatre.


Spring 1 - To infinity and beyond.


Spring 2 - Amazon SOS.


Summer 1 - The journey of life.


Summer 2 - Golden age.


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