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Pupil Attendance



At Greet our aim is to ensure that every child in our care receives an education which enables them to reach their full potential. There is a strong link between good attendance and increased attainment. Children who regularly attend school make much better progress socially and academically. Regular attendance enables children to adapt better to routines, schoolwork, and friendship groups.  


Greet works in partnership with parents and other agencies to ensure that every child can get the best out of the educational opportunities provided.    


By working in partnership with parents and other agencies, we ensure that we have clear and robust strategies in place to manage and promote regular attendance for all our children. 


We are committed to a whole school approach to attendance and a partnership relationship with parents and carers. 

Inclusive Attendance


We are very excited to announce that Greet Primary School is now proudly recognised as an Inclusive Attendance school!


Inclusive Attendance is a child-centred and evidence-informed approach to school attendance and provides a framework to enhance an understanding of everyone's roles and responsibilities in prioritising the wellbeing of our children and improving attendance outcomes. 


At Greet we will be receiving continuous professional development to ensure that all staff understand their role and responsibilities in incorporating Inclusive Attendance into our school values, policies and educational practices. 


Please see below further information about Inclusive Attendance.



Being on time to school every day is an important life skill. The habit of good punctuality at school will help your child throughout their education and into adult life and the work place.


Start of the school day routine:


8:20amSchool gates open
8:30am Children line up in the playground and are taken to their classrooms
8:50amRegistration takes place
9:00am Registration closes. Any children arriving after this will be marked as late
9:20amAny children arriving to school after 9:20am will be given an unauthorised mark


Benefits of being on time to school every day:


  • Helps your child make and keep friends
  • Helps get your child’s day off to a good start and puts your child in a positive frame of mind
  • Sets your child up for the future – whether it’s college, university or work. They could lose their place or lose their job if they think it is ok to be late.
  • Helps your child understand that school is important and education is valuable
  • Helps your child develop a sense of responsibility for him/herself and towards others
  • Is linked to good attendance – good attendees have more opportunities and therefore achieve more
  • Leads to success and self confidence


Every minute of every day counts:


5 minutes late each day Equates to 3 days lost over a year
10 minutes late each dayEquates to 6.5 days lost over a year
15 minutes late each dayEquates to 10 days lost over a year
20 minutes late each dayEquates to 13 days lost ever a year
30 minutes late each dayEquates to 19 days lost over a year


Persistent lateness, after the register closes, can result in prosecution under Section 444 of the 1996 Education Act.


Top Tips for Improving Punctuality:


  • Make sure your child has a good bedtime routine so they get plenty of rest and don’t struggle out of bed in the morning 
  • Get to know your child’s timetable –plan together to make sure they have everything ready the night before; uniform, books, cooking ingredients, PE/swimming kit
  • Get your child into the habit of doing their homework in the evening-not the morning it’s due in
  • Invest in a good, reliable alarm clock-make setting it part of your child’s bedtime routine
  • Ensure your child has a good breakfast to set them up for the day
  • Have a backup plan for getting your child to school in case something unforeseen happens-friends or family, perhaps neighbours who are taking their children to school anyway
  • Allow lots of time for your journey



We Are Here To Help!


Please come into school and talk to us if you are experiencing difficulties in getting your child to school every day. 

You may ask to speak to your child's teacher or a mentor.

You may also contact Mrs Herring direct by emailing:



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Safeguarding Information

At Greet safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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