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Speedy Maths Winners



Today we held our first Speedy Maths Winners competition.  During Maths Week, children from each class from year 3 to year 6 took part in the Speedy Maths Competition to see who could post the fastest time.  Speedy Maths is an online game which tests mental recall of multiplication and division questions.


4 winners from each year group were invited to take part in the Grand Finals.  Here are the results:


Year 3:

Esah - 87.75 seconds

Labeed - 90.35 seconds

Amaan - 86.95 seconds  WINNER

Hasan - 87.10 seconds


Year 4:

Malaika 81.65 seconds - WINNER

Sufyan 82.35 seconds

Muhammad 85.30 seconds

Raima 84.15 seconds


Year 5:

Wajeeha 84.15 seconds - WINNER

Abuukar 84.90 seconds

Imaan 87.00 seconds

Sameer 89.60 seconds

Humza 88.95 seconds


Year 6:

Jamimah 82.35 seconds - WINNER

Ismail 84.15 seconds

Aselah 86.70 seconds

Isa 86.95 seconds


The 4 winners then competed in a Champion v Champion event:

Amaan - 86.80 seconds

Malaika 88.05 seconds

Wajeeha - 84.90 seconds

Jamimah  - 81.60 seconds - WINNER


Think you can do better?  Children can log into DB Primary and see if they can beat the times!



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